Methiozolin controls annual bluegrass when applied PRE or POST.

In combination with the high safety to various turfgrasses, POST control of annual bluegrass is a special feature of Methiozolin, which differentiates it from existing products. Methiozolin efficacy is stable under cool temperature and/or low N fertilization, and does not require an adjuvant. Since Methiozolin works via root uptake, no caution is needed for rainfastness. Light irrigation after application is recommended in order to move it through thatchy layers commonly found in zoysiagrass and bermudagrass.

PRE control of annual bluegrass by Methiozolin is similar to that of conventional PRE herbicides. But soil persistence is significantly shorter but will depend on rate of application.

Since Methiozolin provides both POST and PRE control of annual bluegrass and the efficacy is stable across widely diverse environmental conditions, application timing of this new herbicide is extremely flexible.

When applied to perennial types of annual bluegrass or at flowering, repeated applications at 2 to 4 week intervals greatly increase the efficacy.