Virtually all established turfgrasses are tolerant to POST-applied Methiozolin. Methiozolin ranks as one of the SAFEST herbicides among currently registered turf herbicide. Safety has been confirmed in field tests for the following:

Cool season turfgrasses
- Creeping bentgrass
- Kentucky bluegrass
- Perennial ryegrass
- Fine fescues
Warm season turfgrasses
- Bermudagrass
- Zoysiagrass
- Seashore paspalum
- Kikyuyugrass
- (Centipedgrass)
- (St. Augustinegrass)

Tolerance of over-seeded turfgrasses is variable depending on the time after seeding and the application rate. Research is on-going to determine the timing and rate of Methiozolin under over-seeding conditions.